What is Genetic Testing?

You may have heard about genetic testing online or even your own medical provider. But what exactly is Genetic Testing, and is it safe and for you? Read on in order to learn more about this form of testing, and just how it is able to benefit the health of not only you but your family.

The Definition of Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing is also known as DNA testing. Most people are more familiar with DNA testing with genealogy tests to learn more about what part of the world your ancestry comes from. However, there are medical uses as well.

Genetic testingĀ is used in order to identify any changes in DNA sequence or chromosome structure. When someone is given genetic testing, it is used to rule out or diagnose any sort of suspected genetic disorders that the patient may have. Getting genetic testing is also able to let you know if your family may also be at risk for any illness. This will allow any family member to catch any illness or condition they are predisposed to early on.

There are many things Genetic Testing can help identify, such as:

Cardiac diseases
And much more

Genetic Testing can help you identify these within yourself and your family. There are even genetic tests to help with identifying if certain medications will work to keep costs down and keep unnecessary medications from being used.

Is it Safe?

Most genetic testing is safe and will pose very little risk. Genetic tests are typically done in the form of a cheek swab inside of your mouth and blood drawn for lab testing and results. However, prenatal testing and sampling have a small risk of pregnancy loss (miscarriage) for pregnant women, as the samples are taken from the uterine lining.

Discuss with your doctor what type of genetic testing you need. Getting tested can open up options in regards to the health of you and your family.