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Miracle socks

Miracle Socks Anti-fatigue Compression Socks Miracle Socks use graduated compression, maximum at the ankle that gradually decreases up the leg, to soothe, massage and energize your legs and feet. Miracle Socks are comfortable and discreet, thin enough to fit in any shoe. Easy to put on, great for everyday use. Miracle Socks help to reduce […]

Dry Eye Syndrome

Amniotic Membrane as a Remedy for Dry Eyes If you have dry eyes, amniotic membrane may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. How is your ocular health? Ocular health is important! The eyes are important to enjoyment of life and mobility, but also are essential for our optimum performance at work. The term “ocular” […]

Neural Prolotherapy

One of the newest advances in Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine is the use of Neurofascial Prolotherapy. Neurofascial Prolotherapy also called Neural Prolotherapy. This is not to be confused with traditional “German” Neural injection therapy. Neurofascial Prolotherapy (NPT) was born out of clinical observations and involves the treatment of Neurogenic inflammation. NPT is given just under the […]

Amniotic Cream for Topical use

Structure and Function of the Amniotic Membrane The amniotic membrane surrounds and protects the developing fetus in utero and separates mother and fetus. If you were to look closely at the amniotic membrane, you would be able to notice that the membrane is comprised of several layers. The membrane can be easily separated into two […]

Colorblindness Technologies

How Do Colorblindness Glasses Work? Whom Might They Help? Genetic (if you are born with it) colorblindness is caused by an absence of, or problem in the function of, one or more of the three types of color-sensing cone photoreceptors in the retina. People who have difficulty detecting green light (deuteranomaly) or red light (protanomaly) experience an overlap […]

Wharton Jelly

Practical Applications: Wharton’s Jelly for Diabetic Treatments Stem cell treatments are exciting. The best way to harvest stem cells has been a matter of research and discussion. Cells for certain treatments have often been tested from bone marrow from healthy patients. However, there are many concerns about bone marrow stem cells. For example, studies have […]


Exosomes for Hair Restoration What’s more frustrating than hair loss (alopecia)? We use our hair to signal beauty and youth; it is our pride and joy.  Yet new research in China found that people perceive they are going bald earlier than past generations, even in their 20s! In the study 60% of participants self-reported that […]