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Are Medigap Premiums based off Income?

Medigap Insurance is a Medicare Supplement Plan. When you have this type of supplement insurance in conjunction with Medicare, it assists in covering the “gaps” in your current plan. Hence its name, Medigap. If you’re already covered by Medicare, you can get Medigap Insurance. Medigap is made and created by private insurance carriers. However, it […]

3 Important Things to Know About Medigap Policies

If you have Medicare, then you know that the Original Medicare Plan (Parts A and B), do not cover everything you need when you go to the doctor. Due to this, it is advised that you obtain a Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy, which is known as a Medigap. It is called this because it covers […]

What is Genetic Testing?

You may have heard about genetic testing online or even your own medical provider. But what exactly is Genetic Testing, and is it safe and for you? Read on in order to learn more about this form of testing, and just how it is able to benefit the health of not only you but your […]

Biotech molecules & compounds pipline CRO’s

7 year lookback They don’t make compounds like they used to–or at least at the same rate. And with fewer and fewer early-stage molecules moving through pipelines, some discovery-focused CROs have been left in the lurch and healthcare is responding The number of molecules coming down the pike has declined about 35% since 2008, said […]

Stem Cell Treatments for eyes and ocular conditions with cited research on over 100 conditions

Stemcells are all the buzz but for over a decade amniotic patches from the healthy birth of a consenting mother and child delivery have used or been used in the treatment of several modalities including but not limited to or currently in IRB;s or Research Studies for: Chronic dry Retina pigmentosa‘s Ocular scratches Retinopathy Medical […]

icd 10 code for fatty liver

There are many CPT codes depending on your protocol and desired usage. FOr example CPT 65778 used for ocular would not be used for fatty liver. Applicable To Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) Type 1 Excludes nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) (K75.81) The following code(s) above K76.0 contain annotation back-references that may be applicable to K76.0: K00-K95  Diseases of the digestive system […]

rt pcr

RT-PCR, also known as Reverse Transcriptase PCR, is a variation of the polymerase chain reaction that typically measures RNA expression levels. In RT-PCR, complementary DNA (cDNA) is made by reverse transcribing of the RNA templates with the enzyme reverse transciptase. This technique is used to qualitatively study gene expression, and can be combined with real […]

miracle compression socks

Product Description X200 / COMPRESSION SPORT SOCKS 15-20 MMHG CSX X200 MIRACLE SOCKS – Compression Sport Socks use 15-20 mmHg compression, and are designed to give athletes and active individuals the decisive edge in performance, injury reduction and recovery. Built with the greatest support at the ankle that reduces gradually up the leg, they work […]


Shockwave Therapy for Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction You don’t have to be a doctor with a diagnostic tool to know you have chronic pain – if it lasts longer than 12 weeks, it’s chronic. Whether it’s degenerative or post-surgical, about 30% of Americans struggle with it, and many of them turn to highly addictive narcotic […]