11 one-and-a-half-day courses held each year at the Hôpital de Hautepierre, Strasbourg, France. Dr. Gilbert Taglang and his team perform live surgical interventions both mornings of the course, demonstrating the proper use of the Gamma3 and T2 systems.

In addition to the surgeries, the participants take part in a number of didactic and instructional presentations on current topics on the use of intramedullary and other fracture fixation devices. Case presentations are part of the instruction; participants are invited to bring their own clinical cases to share and compare their experiences with that of the team in Strasbourg as well as the co-attendees. On the last day, a cadaver demonstration is organized at the School of Anatomy.

Please note that this is not a full cadaveric course.

Course Overview


Area of speciality: Trauma

Series: Solutions & Techniques

Duration: 1.5 days

Type of course: Interactive Lectures, live surgery transmission, sawbone workshops and cadaver demonstration.

Course objectives

After the course the delegate will be able to:

  • Learn to treat and manage unique and challenging trauma injuries with nailing techniques
  • Discover new techniques and knowledge for the treatment of trauma fracture care
  • Demonstrate a greater appreciation of reduction techniques relevant to proper anatomical alignment
  • Demonstrate the proper use of percutaneous targeting systems for minimally invasive I.M. nailing systems
  • Perform advanced nailing techniques on difficult long bone fractures

Delegate profile

This course is suitable for advanced associate specialists or fellows who consider themselves a specialist, or have a keen interest in the use of IM Nailing for fracture treatment. All delegates are expected to have had a wide experience in long bone trauma treatment.

Additional Information

Strasbourg, the city in which the first intramedullary nailing was carried out in December 1944, is a long-time recognized center for Traumatology. Several nails were developed here (The Grosse & Kempf and Gamma Nails for example) and then marketed by the Stryker Company. In addition to the previously cited surgical techniques, Strasbourg played a central role in the more recent evolution of the IM devices, due to its collaboration in the development of the S2 and T2 Nailing Systems. In the field of the practical experience, the surgical team in Strasbourg has already implanted more than 6000 Gamma nails.

The annual participation in the Stryker Training and Education Gamma and T2 nailing courses averages 300 surgeons per year. Dr. Gilbert Taglang and his team perform live surgical interventions both mornings of the course, demonstrating the proper use of the Gamma3 and T2 systems.




If you are interested in attending these courses, please contact your Stryker Representative.

Course dates

Jan, 19th - Jan, 20th 2017, Strasbourg (English)
Feb, 9th - Feb, 10th 2017, Strasbourg (English)
Feb, 16th - Feb, 17th 2017, Strasbourg (English, French)
Mar, 2nd - Mar, 3rd 2017, Strasbourg (English)
Apr, 6th - Apr, 7th 2017, Strasbourg (Italian)
May, 18th - May, 18th 2017, Strasbourg (Spanish)
Jun, 22nd - Jun, 23rd 2017, Strasbourg (English)
Sep, 7th - Sep, 8th 2017, Strasbourg (English)
Oct, 12th - Oct, 13th 2017, Strasbourg (French)
Nov, 2nd - Nov, 3rd 2017, Strasbourg (English)
Nov, 23rd - Nov, 24th 2017, Strasbourg (English)