At Stryker we have approached our education programme looking at the complete specialty, and have moved to a procedural or specialty solutions based programme. Each area of specialty has been approached by a group of experts to develop a unique progressive programme that builds from one level to the next.

Delegates can join the programme at any point, depending on their experience and suitability for each course - as outlined in the delegate profiles listed below.

At Stryker we believe that learning is a continuous cycle not a single event, as such many courses have pre-course preparation requirements, as well as post course follow up – please refer to the individual course outlines for this information.

Continuous improvement by design

The programme

Level 1:

Principles & Possibilities

These courses are designed for surgical trainees in their early years of specialty training. This series is focused on core topics within areas of different specialties, concentrating on key principles and how these may be applied in real world scenarios

Level 2:

Solutions & Techniques

This series is suitable for both surgeons and advanced surgical trainees. Suitable delegates will have some experience within the topic area, but may be new to a specific procedure or technique or simply looking for a refresher in the area. These courses are designed to enable delegates to perform procedures safely and to a high standard, they also examine the evidence underlying surgical practice within the topic area.

Level 3:

Advances in Technologies & Techniques

The advances in technologies and techniques series is designed for specialty consultant surgeons who have completed their formal training, and have a keen interest in the topic area.  As a minimum the delegate has had a wide experience of at least the general procedural area being covered in this course, and are looking to update their knowledge or skill in the specific topic or technique area.

Level 4:

Case Controversies or Expert Forum

These courses are designed for established specialists and experts in the topic area. The format of these courses follows a highly engaging, high level of discussion and exchange. All delegates are actively encouraged and expected to contribute in this discussion and exchange.